About Us

Headed by an experienced CEO, supported by a team of successful entrepreneurs, investors and advisors, we speak the international language of business and investment.

Had an ideia? With us, it’s already launched.

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Our Opportunity

At Eidolon, we have our arms around and our eyes on the world.

London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, all of these cities have big startups.

Portugal experienced a difficult macroeconomic environment a few years ago, which caused a response in the culture of entrepreneurship and investment.

We came up with the strength and skills of masters in IT and Management and professionals with a totally global mindset.

Examples around us

Farfetch, Unbabel, Uniplaces, all have a Portuguese DNA and have reached funding rounds in the United Kingdom and the United States.

We want to take more, to those rounds, to the world, to eternity.

If ideas change the world, Eidolon lives to accelerate them.

We want to retell these success stories.

We want to hear your story, get to know your company.

We connect ideas

Our network

Eidolon articulates a professional and personal network of relationships to stimulate a fluid business rhythm, as well as to create a cross-border culture, based on a co-investment strategy with partners that can help your idea to reach more advantageous financing rounds.


The Portuguese ecosystem has a strong tradition in the areas of Engineering and its legacy lies in technological companies that operate mainly in digital. Eidolon's focus is on supporting the best companies, whether high or low tech, to move from local to global. To make the initial 200K 5M in areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, SaaS, fintech, marketplaces, among many others. Remember: your idea can be one of so many others!

Our process

Our decision-making process is carried out by a team experienced in several investments in the past. We want to meet global winners with dream products. People who solve problems, with a clear, effective business model ... winner.