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The missing starting point

When good ideas find no echo,we are here to listen.


The go-to acceleration center

When good ideas find problems,we develop solutions.


We turn your ideas into ROI

When good ideas aren’t properly spread, we define the best course.

We hit the accelerator

We know the difficulties that exist when a good idea has found no echo.

Define the right partner.

The appropriate objectives. The right strategy often determines the success or failure of a project.

At Eidolon we have our own model. We identify ideas, companies and businesses that, at the same time, contain scaling potential and the ability to add value, develop synergies or incorporate innovation into the groups current investment portfolio.


Prototype and Validation


Launch and sale


Our research and development teams keep up with the changes and trends in the business world and actively capture new ways of creating business. This research and new knowledge flows naturally in our work methodology.

Our way of accelerating explores specific industry problems and develops business solutions in the most diverse areas.

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Big Data

The future of decision-making and efficiency, which immediately attracts the attention of investors, the media, and, ...


High revenue potential because the industry maintains traditions and standards in an extremely profitable environment.

Internet of Things / Robotics

IOT is an essential component of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which has grown considerably in recent years.


Portugal is still between 60-70% cork. Textile industry. Shoe. We want ideas within these areas that tear.


Turnkey software, as a service, that works directly and that so many companies need.

Security and Privacy

Solutions like Monttra, from the Visionaria group, which increasingly depend on technology, on cloud information, ...

Artificial intelligence

One of the most challenging areas, which will impact all industries, in all sectors.


The technological base that will dominate and impact the entire business web, in a decentralized and ultra-flexible ...


Businesses with high potential for scalability and with a strong possibility of becoming unicorns.